XAMPP/Apache won’t start – Problem resolved!

The Scenario:

For developing web-sites, I normally would do my editing and testing within a local web development environent. I use an all-in-one development environment called XAMPP. With this software, I install it on to my USB flash drive and allows me to plug into any computer and allows me to do my web stuff anywhere I can get access to a computer.

As I was trying to use it on one of my computers, I found a problem…. Apache just won’t start!

The solution:

Basicially what I found out was that another program was using the ports that apache is trying to use. By default these would be port 80 and 443. I have skype installed and it auto-starts when I log into Windows Vista. This was using the ports in question. All I needed to do was shutdown skype and run apache. Hey presto, problem resolved.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who is having the same problem and in need of the solution. If you did find it useful, please feel free to leave a comment.