Power cut – No problems with an UPS!

Just had a power cut and it’s the (very rare) times like this, that you would really apprieciate having a UPS.

It’s main purpose is to  keep your computer + monitor(s) powered on and give you enough time to do a safe shutdown. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, once before when I was in London, a power cut had taken out my expensive (at the time) WD raptor 10,000 RPM hard disk. I managed to get it replaced under warranty, but the data loss and being without a computer is really a pain.

Anyway, it’s also times like this when having a laptop + 3G USB data modem is a great thing. When everybody else is sitting around, walking around with their torches waiting for the power to come up, I can be back online with minimal downtime – how cool is that?


  1. ジャズマスター(JAZZMASTER) says:

    I really like it whenever people get together and share views.
    Great blog, keep it up!

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