Apple iphoneWoot now I can blog from my Apple iPhone! How cool is that?


XAMPP/Apache won’t start – Problem resolved!

The Scenario:

For developing web-sites, I normally would do my editing and testing within a local web development environent. I use an all-in-one development environment called XAMPP. With this software, I install it on to my USB flash drive and allows me to plug into any computer and allows me to do my web stuff anywhere I can get access to a computer.

As I was trying to use it on one of my computers, I found a problem…. Apache just won’t start!

The solution:

Basicially what I found out was that another program was using the ports that apache is trying to use. By default these would be port 80 and 443. I have skype installed and it auto-starts when I log into Windows Vista. This was using the ports in question. All I needed to do was shutdown skype and run apache. Hey presto, problem resolved.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who is having the same problem and in need of the solution. If you did find it useful, please feel free to leave a comment.


Power cut – No problems with an UPS!

Just had a power cut and it’s the (very rare) times like this, that you would really apprieciate having a UPS.

It’s main purpose is to  keep your computer + monitor(s) powered on and give you enough time to do a safe shutdown. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, once before when I was in London, a power cut had taken out my expensive (at the time) WD raptor 10,000 RPM hard disk. I managed to get it replaced under warranty, but the data loss and being without a computer is really a pain.

Anyway, it’s also times like this when having a laptop + 3G USB data modem is a great thing. When everybody else is sitting around, walking around with their torches waiting for the power to come up, I can be back online with minimal downtime – how cool is that?


Do you twitter? – Aaron Tran on twitter!



Today I created my twitter account and the joined the twitter craze. I tried registering using my name, but unfortunately someone has already beaten me to it! I just have to settle with AaronTranUK which to be honest, is not that bad.

I don’t really understand the whole concept of twitter, but over the last couple of weeks I can’t help noticing it pop up all over the interwebs. It’s one of those things that sweep across the web and everyone is talking about it, sort of like Facebook. (That’s another one of those things I just don’t get, I got a Facebook account too, but I don’t really use it)

Funny thing is that I asked around the office and no-one has heard of it or know what it is. C’mon guys what industry are we in? You all been hiding up rocks or something, LOL

Anyway, now for the million dollar ($) question…..

Do you twitter? Follow me…. AaronTranUK

Update: Within just a couple of days I’ve managed to pick up 7 followers. That’s without any marketing or having told anyone. 6 of which I do not even know. heh

post wish list updated!

I’ve just updated My Wish List!
This list is mainly books that I want to read, however, there are a few other random items (mainly computer stuff) on there that I want.

If you’re looking to buy me a gift as a special “Thank you!”. Or stuck on gift ideas when it’s my birthday/Christmas, this is the place to look.

Thanks in advance. Check it out below.